Hunter Mountain Report


The first taste of spring skiing for the season. Despite the lower temps, the snow softened up quite nicely. The sun was out on Saturday and Sunday making for fun in the sun! Once again, the 42nd street to lower crossover was sweet. Upper crossover was really nice too. Wayne and several other hard-plate boarders were laying out some SERIOUS carves on broadway/kenedy. WOW.

The west side skiied well also. Clairs was mix-n-mush most of the way. With virtually non-existant lift lines, the fron seemed a better choice though.

The next Hunter MTN report will be the weekend of Easter (unless we get an offer from someone to do it.) We'll be in Fernie for 2 weekends. ENJOY!!

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A view of the mountain, Sunday morning. March 25th, WOW.

Dueling bumps... (I think Robin won!)

Racers was fun both days. Doug & El.

MOing the bumps ;-)

42nd street / Alexa, fun again. Might be the surprise run of the season?
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