Hunter Mountain Report


A bit crowded this weekend. The trails were solid. Bla! OK, enough of that, the place to be (other than in the trees) was where there was fresh snow blown.

Racers was good early in the weekend. Clairs was fun but the donut area was slick. Ski patrol and Rangers mentioned pulling quite a few wrecks from the spot. Anna had nice snow to offer in the middle section, however the bottom was a skating rink. As the sun baked, 42nd street and crossover were fine runs. If you wanted a piece of cliff, the only pieces you could chip free were between the guns and the wall - a tight but fun place to be.

Now let get down to business. TREES. Yes, thats right, TREES. The snow in the bush was great! 3+ inches of dust on crust - solid crust. What a blast! Just a note - the bottom is scetchy at best, use old boards.

Sunday. The snow and lines were great. That was it. D chair was unreliable (most who road it were in for a 1/2 hour tour.) The quad to nowhere was running - it took you nowhere in a LONG time. Now prepare yourself. Hunter one was the best bet. No line. The double ran quicker than the Quad-to-Nowhere and if you were willing to duck off the trail, it was acceptable. Don't ask me the names of the trails or lifts. ???? Aint been there for about 7 years!

Spring bumps are on thier way!!!!

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The man-made blizzard was on Clairs Saturday.

Trees. (Whoo Hooo)

Racers was really nice if you hit it early in the weekend.

Just riding. (Near Hunter)
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