Hunter Mountain Report


100% sun. That is 100% open and a bunch of sun! Hunter held the big air competion this past weekend. Check out there site for the details. The kicker will be there all week if you want to lauch one for yourself.

The bumps on 44 were awesome all weekend, just keep right to avoid the rocks. 42nd street still has excellent bumps if you are looking fo a little less pitch. The left side line was good on lower K this week (right is usually better), don't forget to jump the snowgun half way down. Racers was sweet! Groomed flat, but great cover if you are looking for pure speed.

There is plenty-O-pow in the bush. Several powderhound were spotted tracking up uncharted terain around Hunter!

Click on image for wallpaper.

A boarder catching air off the kicker in the big air comp.

Looking up racers (Karen)

A look down cliff. (The mandatory cliff shot ;-) )

The "girls" after a lower K run (and Rob)
Some other Images (click to enlarge)

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